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Emotion and Soul 
a Short Film Festival 

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Emotion and Soul: A Short Film Festival


Join Emotions Physical Theatre for an outdoor evening of soul food and short films created by local and international artists.


Event Information


In Person: 

Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at 7:30 pm

Location: Diddy’s Soul Food - 32 Lafayette Ave, Suffern, NY 10901 (outdoors)

Entry Fee: $10

Prix Fixe Menu including 1 beverage: $25

Additional drinks and hookah are available for an additional charge.



September 24th- October 23rd

 Applications are Closed 














Event Information



Date: Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at 7:30 pm

Location: Diddy’s Soul Food - 32 Lafayette Ave, Suffern, NY 10901 (outdoors)

Entry Fee: $10

Prix Fixe Menu including 1 beverage: $25



September 24th- October 23th


Application Information


Emotions Physical Theatre in collaboration with the Rockland Arts Council is accepting applications for Emotion and Soul: A Short Film Festival. This film festival celebrates physical theatre films that combine movement with storytelling. 


Preference will be given to films that include both movement and theatre and films that include artists residing in Rockland County, NY, and the tri-state area. We value diversity and encourage all interested artists to apply. All accepted films will receive feedback on their work and be eligible to win prizes. Each accepted entry will also receive two tickets to the live presentation on September 24th, 2022.


Application Fee: $20

Application Due Date: August 28th, 2022

Film Due Date: August 28th, 2022

Notification of Acceptance: Sept 1st, 2022




Application Instructions


1. Apply by August 28th, 2022 (you may submit a written description with a work sample or a final film)

2. Submit a final copy of the film in Mp4 format via YouTube or Vimeo link to


Judging Criteria


The four following categories will be emphasized as outlined below:


Choreography and Movement Design - Does the movement in the film demonstrate shape, musicality, and creative compositional design? Is the style of movement unique and the movement well crafted? Does the pacing of the movement match the theme? Is the movement integrated well with the story or theme?


Cinematography - How do the angles, use of focus, camera movement, and shot choices contribute to telling a story or enhance the design of the film?


Visual Design - Are elements such as costumes, props, and locations well-chosen? How does any use of color or special effects contribute to the film? Is the overall composition and visual appeal interesting and appropriate to the theme?


Narrative and Thematic Design - Does the film tell a compelling story or illustrate a clear theme? Does it approach its subject in a creative or nuanced way?



1st Place Adjudicated - $500

2nd Place Adjudicated - $250

3rd Place Adjudicated - $100

Live Audience Choice - $100

Online Audience Choice - $100

Best Choreography and Movement Design

Best Cinematography

Best Visual Design

Best Narrative and Thematic Design


Resources for Artists


Filming and editing with high-quality cameras is available on a first-come, first-served basis at a rate of $200/day for any artists interested. Contact Shawn Rawls at for more information and to arrange dates.






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