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About us 



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Our mission at Emotions Physical Theatre is to serve as a bridge between art and entertainment. Using an organic blend of contemporary dance with hip hop, ballet, gymnastics and breakdance, we are committed to making dance theater that is fun, accessible, and innovative. We break down walls between stage performance and spectators to create an experience for audience members that goes way beyond a typical dance show by including audience participation and by creating in unique spaces. We believe that dance theater should be transparent and easy to understand while inspiring thought and communicating ideas in a clear and aesthetically pleasing way. 


We create dance art with the goal of fostering personal growth. We incorporate research from psychology and sociology into our productions so an audience member walks away from the experience with a thought-provoking tidbit of practical information.


We provide outstanding education programs in K-12 schools. Our Read and Write Program helps students learn the parts of speech by equating them to elements of choreography. Our in-school performances have kids on the edges of their seats. Artistic Director, Shawn Rawls grew up in an urban arts school and knows firsthand how a high-quality dance program can change a student's life.


We are actively creating a positive arts community by offering low-cost workshops for dancers, providing opportunities for emerging choreographers to show their work, and offering paid contracts to dancers, teachers, and choreographers. We hire and collaborate with artists from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders because we believe this creates resilience, understanding, and cooperation with our fellow artists and helps us all develop empathy and a wider understanding of the world we share.


Emotions Physical Theatre is doing the performance art business differently by centering around the idea of efficiency with time and resources while creating a rich, unique and inclusive experience. This creates income to help support artists, community outreach and education programs.


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