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Why would you consider giving your hard-earned cash to us?


1. We have outstanding K-12 programs that we would love to bring to more schools. Our Read and Write Program helps students learn the parts of speech by equating them to elements of choreography. Our in-school performances have kids on the edges of their seats. Artistic Director, Shawn Rawls grew up in an urban arts school and knows firsthand how a high-quality dance program can change a student's life. Your support helps us implement these programs in schools that cannot afford them.


2. We are actively creating a positive arts community by offering low-cost workshops for dancers, providing opportunities for emerging choreographers to show their work, and offering paid contracts to dancers, teachers, and choreographers. We hire and collaborate with artists from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders because we believe this creates resilience, understanding, and cooperation with our fellow artists and helps us all develop empathy and a wider understanding of the world we share. 


3. We create incredible live performance experiences for our audience members that bridge the gap between art and entertainment. We want you to laugh, cry and contemplate the meaning of life, all in one evening. In one of our shows, you might be educated on the connection between happiness and pooping, you might watch a cancer survivor learning to walk again, or you might stand face-to-face with your spiritual beliefs. We want to produce more thought-provoking shows and your support helps us accomplish this goal.



In-Kind Donations


We are in need of the following resources/services:

- Marley flooring

- Donated or discounted rehearsal and/or performance spaces (both in NYC and in the north NJ and Rockland County, NY area)

- Food and/or wine for shows

- Show Volunteers (ushers, serving wine, etc.)

- Advertising and Marketing assistance

- Grant Writing assistance

- Partnership with trained psychologists, sociologists, and therapists. We love shows about psychology and interpersonal relationships and we need experts in these fields to help make sure our shows reflect the latest and highest quality research in these fields.

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