The Heart 

Local Community, Live Music, Dance and Romance.


Emotions Physical Theatre presents “The Heart” a dance theater and live music adventure that explores romance. Remember the emotions rushing into your head the first time you felt your partner’s lips against yours. How about that first fight? What about the "one that got away?" “The Heart” takes a journey of romance and love lost, fights and deep friendships, commitment and catastrophe.


“The Heart” integrates popular music throughout the decades, local community members, live music, and contemporary dance. Choreographer Shawn Rawls says, “I want the audience to time travel with me to experience the battle for, and beauty of intimacy."


  • Number of Artist  10

  • Length of program : 45mins 

Clinically Happy



Emotions Physical Theatre presents “Clinically Happy,” a multi-media show that follows the participants of a clinical trial to discover the scientific root of happiness. Fusing athletic contemporary dance with film and props, choreographer Shawn Rawls has created an immersive theatrical experience that positions the viewer as a scientist and the dancers as case studies. Edgy duets test the limits of relational happiness while eloquent solos explore an elusive sense of inner solace. Dancers join in a stunning ensemble as the audience evaluates camaraderie verses competition. With humor and poignancy, Emotions Physical Theatre embarks on a journey to define the seemingly intangible roots of our collective desire for fulfillment and gut-wrenching laughter.

  • Number of Artist  7 

  • Length of program: 45mins 




"Walk" is a journey of faith, spirituality, and the questions we must explore before we can truly reject or embrace the beliefs we once held as inevitable. The show opens with a funeral that collects both the devout and irreligious together and lets the sparks fly. Testing our deeply held beliefs is a right of passage and an intensely personal experience.

  • Number of Artist  6

  • Length of program: 45mins 

Intimacy lost 




From the time we are born, we are burdened with different social norms and expectations based on gender. Through striking visual imagery, Intimacy Lost depicts humans bound, dragged, and manipulated by gender expectations. Literally tied with ropes, the dancers strain against these disparate messages, attempting to shake the fetters loose and engage in honest communication across gender. In one moment, two dancers arduously reach toward one another like puppets desperate to escape the strings that keep them apart. Later they find themselves relentlessly laced together, yet even in this closeness they feel estranged, tangled, and weighed down. Intimacy Lost is full of powerful and disturbing images. It is ugly and beautifully honest at the same time.

  • Number of Artist  9 

  • Length of program: 45mins 



Cancer Survivor Performs Dance Theater Show after Three Major Surgeries


In 2010, Janette Rawls was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma cancer that required major leg surgery and two lung surgeries. While still in treatment, she and Artistic Director, Shawn Rawls, laid the foundation for Emotions Physical Theatre and co-wrote a dance theater show during long hospital days.


“I wanted to build something for us to have when she was done with treatment,” says choreographer and husband Shawn Rawls. Shawn’s choreography weaves breakdance, ballet, modern dance, and physical theater together, creating an athletic, powerful, and surprisingly comical presentation about living through cancer. 


"Process" is a journey through cancer treatment and the discovery that bad things aren't always bad. From a hilarious frenzy of insurance paperwork to an emotional moment facing reality to an unlikely love story, it is a lesson in choosing to seek happiness through pain.

  • Number of Artist  8

  • Length of program: 45mins 

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