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Project Type

Physical Theatre


November 2010


Houston Texas

Cancer Survivor Performs Dance Theater Show after Three Major Surgeries

In 2010, Janette Rawls was diagnosed with a rare sarcoma cancer that required major leg surgery and two lung surgeries. While still in treatment, she and Artistic Director, Shawn Rawls, laid the foundation for Emotions Physical Theatre and co-wrote a dance theater show during long hospital days.

“I wanted to build something for us to have when she was done with treatment,” says choreographer and husband Shawn Rawls. Shawn’s choreography weaves breakdance, ballet, modern dance, and physical theater together, creating an athletic, powerful, and surprisingly comical presentation about living through cancer.

"Process" is a journey through cancer treatment and the discovery that bad things aren't always bad. From a hilarious frenzy of insurance paperwork to an emotional moment facing reality to an unlikely love story, it is a lesson in choosing to seek happiness through pain.

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