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Shawn Rawls 



Visual artist 


Shawn is an accomplished dancer, nominated for Dance Artist of Rockland. He's won awards in choreography at XYZ NYC and best production at the Houston Fridge.


About Me.

Shawn Rawls is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in creating interdisciplinary physical theatre performance experiences centered around themes of Afro-surrealism. He is a videographer, choreographer, playwright, and visual artist. He used these skills to create interactive experiences to spark meaningful and nuanced conversations. As an artist, activist, and community leader, Shawn Rawls has experience creating community events that use the arts as a bridge for reflection, emotional development, and community growth. He collaborated with the Rockland Center of the Art Gallery to create the “Communication through Physical Theater” community program workshop and performance.


In 2013, he started his company, Emotions Physical Theatre, which has produced 6 full evening-length international touring shows, over 30 repertory works, 3 community events, and 5 education programs. He is also a regularly commissioned choreographer.

Through that 501c3 non-profit, he has created, enacted, and maintained several inner-city education programs. One is the read and write program, which takes the tools and principles of physical theatre and uses them to help 2nd -5 grades expand their creative writing skills. In conclusion, Shawn Rawls has been a working artist for over 20 years.



Degree: M.F.A
Wilson University 

I hold a Master of Fine Arts with a focus on interdisciplinary skills and choreography. My thesis explored physical theatre from an African American perspective.


Degree: B.F.A
Belhaven University 

The Modern and Ballet Bachelor program at a conservatory-style school provides rigorous training in both techniques, preparing me for professional careers. With experienced faculty and ample performance opportunities, I received individualized instruction to excel in their field.


Degree: High School Diploma  
Cleveland School of the arts

I have a background in visual arts and dance, with extensive experience performing and showcasing my work in various settings.

My Pass Clients 

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