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Emotions Physical Theatre, where we harness dance's healing and unifying force to cultivate a vibrant community. Through the art of storytelling via movement, we explore the depths of human experience and celebrate our individual and collective narratives. Join us in creating a space where every voice is valued and where the power of dance ignites growth, connection, and understanding among us all.

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Black boy healing project 

On going project

The black boy healing project is a thoughtfully crafted community dedicated to fostering the mental, emotional, and social development of Black and Latino boys and men. Through dynamic mediums like movement, workshops, community building, blogs, social media, film, and video, our platform provides a space for men and boys of color to connect and explore personal growth in various forms. Join us in this collective journey, where we embrace community engagement and address crucial issues that contribute to individual and collective healing. The Black Boy Healing Project is your inclusive sanctuary for fostering growth, understanding, and empowerment.


In-school education programs 
Forward-thinking in education 

Integrating emotions and physical theater into school programs offers a dynamic approach to education, fostering creativity and self-expression among students. Through the exploration of hip-hop culture, storytelling, and various movement forms such as modern dance, capoeira, and ballet, students engage in a rich and diverse learning experience. By embodying different emotions through movement and gesture, students gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Through programs like the "5 elements of hip hop" and the "read-and-write" initiative, students learn about hip-hop's history and cultural significance. The read and write program helps improve their writing skills through organized, creative movement and play. Additionally, offering authentic and culturally sensitive instruction ensures that all students feel included and valued, promoting diversity, empathy, and a sense of belonging in the classroom.

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Communcation through
Physical Theatre Workshop

The Communication Through Physical Theatre Workshop offers participants an immersive experience designed to broaden their understanding of communication. Through a series of exercises and tasks, participants are challenged to explore new perspectives on how the body can be a powerful tool for conveying messages and emotions. The primary objective of this workshop is to cultivate an awareness of the body's communicative potential, empowering participants to harness this tool for enhancing personal relationships. By focusing on principles such as honest expression, conflict resolution, trust, and collaboration, participants learn to use their bodies as instruments for meaningful interaction effectively. Through dynamic activities that encourage spontaneity and creativity, participants discover how physicality can bridge gaps in understanding and foster deeper connections with others. Ultimately, the workshop aims to equip participants with valuable skills that they can apply to improve communication and interpersonal dynamics in various aspects of their lives.

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Rockland Cultural dance festival 

Contribute to Rockland's Future

The Rockland Cultural Dance Festival stands as a beacon of unity and celebration, dedicated to fostering cultural communication, empathy, and understanding through the universal language of dance. More than just a showcase of diverse dance forms, this festival is a vibrant tapestry of traditions, stories, and expressions, woven together to create a mosaic of shared humanity. At its core, the festival champions the idea of inclusivity and rejects the notion of a dance hierarchy, recognizing that every dance form holds its own unique beauty and significance. Participants and attendees alike are invited to embrace the richness of cultural diversity, forging connections and building bridges across boundaries of language, nationality, and tradition. Through performances, workshops, and interactive experiences, the festival cultivates a spirit of openness, curiosity, and respect, encouraging dialogue and exchange between artists and audiences. By celebrating the multitude of ways in which dance can connect us to our heritage, our communities, and each other, the Rockland Cultural Dance Festival serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of art to inspire, unite, and uplift.

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Colaboration with drama free 

On going collaboration

Emotions Physical Theatre and Drama Free have joined hands in a collaborative effort to introduce dance and theater to a variety of settings, including schools, juvenile detention centers, and prisons. Their shared mission is to use the art of storytelling through movement to instill healthy habits, promote education, broaden perspectives, and facilitate healing among youth facing diverse challenges. Through carefully crafted workshops and performances, participants are encouraged to delve into their emotions, confront obstacles, and reimagine their futures. This partnership serves as a beacon of hope, offering young people the opportunity to harness the transformative power of the arts as a means of personal growth and empowerment on their journey towards brighter horizons.


Evening of contemporary dance 

Past project 

The Evening of Contemporary Dance, an annual festival that ran from 2014 to 2022, served as a vibrant platform for promoting, networking, and engaging with the New York contemporary dance community. With a focus on providing opportunities for emerging artists and choreographers, the festival aimed to serve as a springboard for talent within the industry. However, upon reflection, it has become apparent that this project no longer aligns with our evolving mission and vision. As we look ahead, we are committed to reformatting the festival to center around physical theatre and the promotion of African American stories related to healing. This transformation represents our dedication to inclusivity, cultural representation, and addressing societal needs through the arts. We are excited about the potential of this new direction and the opportunity it presents to make a meaningful impact within the community.

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Emotion and soul 

Responds to covid 

The Emotion and Soul Film Festival emerged during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic as a beacon of hope for artists seeking to share their voices and stories. Recognizing the importance of providing a platform for creative expression, this festival was founded with the purpose of promoting filmmakers and serving as a smaller springboard for emerging talent. In a time of social distancing and limited opportunities for traditional film screenings, the festival became a vital avenue for artists to showcase their work and connect with audiences worldwide. With a focus on emotion-driven storytelling and soulful narratives, the festival celebrates the power of film to evoke feelings, provoke thought, and inspire change. By offering a supportive and inclusive environment for filmmakers to share their vision, the Emotion and Soul Film Festival embodies resilience, creativity, and the unyielding spirit of artistic expression in the face of adversity.

Our community Goals 

Become a part of our thriving community that prioritizes inclusivity, education, and opportunities for all.

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Creating a nonjudgmental and equitable culture within a community fosters inclusivity and collaboration, empowering individuals to contribute their unique perspectives and talents toward shared goals of improvement, healing, and redemption. By emphasizing goal orientation alongside values of fairness and openness, communities can cultivate an environment where every member feels valued, respected, and motivated to strive toward collective success.



Education around the power of storytelling can serve as a potent force for both healing and harm prevention, equipping individuals with tools to navigate their experiences and emotions constructively. By emphasizing positive storytelling techniques, individuals are empowered to harness the transformative potential of narrative to inspire, uplift, and create meaningful connections within their communities.



Creating spaces for community members to connect and share their healing journey fosters a supportive environment where individuals feel understood and empowered. Through engagement in service and redemption, these spaces become catalysts for personal growth, social cohesion, and the cultivation of empathy within the community.


Help grow our community 

"Help us grow our community by volunteering, donating, or connecting us to potential supporters. Together, we can make a positive impact."


Become a Board Member 

Your involvement will be instrumental in our pursuit of art that sparks contemplation, fosters empathy, and empowers individuals to reshape their narratives. With your support, we are poised to achieve remarkable feats, and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to illuminate pathways to a more vibrant future.

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